Licensing and Pricing

About Lattix Architect Licensing

Lattix Architect issues node-locked licenses. Licenses are either perpetual or subscription. A license includes the names of the product modules purchased (Java, .Net, C/C++, etc.). Licenses can include one or more modules.

The node-locked license is bound to one computer. Node-locked licenses cannot be used on virtual machines.

Perpetual licenses have no expiration date. Typical commercial licenses are perpetual. A commercial license includes maintenance and support for the first year. After the first year, maintenance and support is renewed for 20% of the license cost.

Subscription licenses are time-limited. You purchase a renewal prior to the expiration of the subscription.

Evaluation licenses are time-limited.

About Lattix Web Licensing

Lattix Web offers fixed user licenses. You purchase a fixed number of named users. A named user is a person, not a machine. The license type is the same as the Lattix Architect license type (subscription or perpetual). A valid Lattix Architect license is required for the use of Lattix Web.


Lattix Architect can be purchased on an individual basis or as part of a package bundled with Lattix Web. Volume pricing is available. Please contact Lattix or one of our international channel partners to review pricing based on your requirements.